Shoe Care Kit Lemon + Hard Brush and Soft Brush



Shoe Care Kit Lemon

Thought about sneakers with dark colors. (lime smell)
Our Kit include a bottle of specific lotion for wash and clean your sneakers, a microfiber towel and a brush with syntetic hairs. This kit is perfect for general wash of your sneakers.

  • Detergent lotion bottle 114 ml
  • Components of lotions 100% biodegradables
  • Wash all of materials*
  • You can wash like 100 times your sneakers with 1 pack

*For sneakers with suede e nubuck (natural origin) we raccomend to do a test in a small are before complete wash. Anyway we reccomend to use our Soft Brush for this materials.

Hard and Soft Brush

The soft brush consists in wood handle and soft hairs. Perfect use is for wash your sneakers with suede and nubuck parts, or others particulars materials.

  • Soft hairs brush*
  • Wood handle
  • Laser engraving on the
  • Perfect for delicates materials

*we raccomend to use it with calm and delicacy for all of operations.

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